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Local Government Law

R. Perry Sentell, Jr.

Mercer L. Rev., Vol.47 pp.225-1191, 1995 [Periódico revisado por pares]

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  • Título:
    Local Government Law
  • Autor: R. Perry Sentell, Jr.
  • Assuntos: Unincorporated; Municipalities; Authorization; Unprecedented; Investigation; Preoccupation; Incorporated; Invalidating; Municipality; Constituted; Administrative Law; Civil Procedure; Civil Rights Law; Communications Law; Criminal Law & Procedure; Education Law; Family Law; Governments; Labor & Employment Law; Real Property Law; Torts; Transportation Law
  • É parte de: Mercer L. Rev., Vol.47 pp.225-1191, 1995
  • Descrição: ... That same intensity of exposure ran its course in local government law as well. ... "They are reasonable laws related to the city's affairs and local government." ... Open meetings and open records, the "sunshine" companions, claim an eventful history in Georgia local government law. ... The local government's zoning exercise teeters precariously between public good and individual harm, a delineation drawn and even redrawn by the judiciary. ... Few local government functions are as controversial, or complex, as that of zoning. ... Dick v. Williams projected the court of appeals into a consideration of ethics in local government zoning. ... Relying exclusively upon the "supplemental immunity" statutorily provided for members of local government authorities, the court affirmed summary judgment for the defendants. ... Although space limitations preclude adequate presentation, a few local government products of the 1995 legislative session might be mentioned. ... An effort to bring some order to the legal world of local government authorities materialized in a statute requiring their annual registration with the Department of Community Affairs. ... Little wonder that again this year Georgia local government law stood in the cross hairs of public scrutiny. ...  
  • Idioma: Inglês

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