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Rehabilitation of the spine a practitioner's manual

Craig Liebenson

Philadelphia Lippincott Williams & Wilkins c2007

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  • Título:
    Rehabilitation of the spine a practitioner's manual
  • Autor: Craig Liebenson
  • Assuntos: Spine -- Diseases -- Treatment; Spine -- Diseases -- Patients -- Rehabilitation; COLUNA VERTEBRAL (PATOLOGIA TRATAMENTO REABILITAÇÃO); TERAPIA POR EXERCÍCIO; Back Pain -- rehabilitation; Chiropractic; Exercise Therapy; Musculoskeletal Manipulations
  • Notas: Includes bibliographical references and index
  • Descrição: Active care: its place in the management of spinal disorders / Craig Liebenson -- The role of muscles, joints, and the nervous system in painful conditions of the spine / Craig Liebenson -- Quality assurance: the scope of the spine problem and modern attempts to manage it / Craig Liebenson -- Putting the biopsychosocial model into practice / Craig Liebenson -- Lumbar spinal stability: mechanism of injury and restabilization / Stuart M. McGill -- The sources of back pain / Nicholai Bogduk and Charles Aprill -- Diagnostic triage in patients with spinal pain / Neil Craton -- Outcome assessment / Steven Yeomans ... [et al.] -- Assessment of psychosocial risk factors of chronicity--"yellow flags" / Craig Liebenson and Steven Yeomans -- Evaluation of muscular imbalance / Vladimír Janda, Clare Frank, and Craig Liebenson -- Quantification of physical performance ability / Craig Liebenson and Steven Yeomans -- Physical performance tests: an expanded model of assessment and outcome / Maureen J. Simmonds and Ellen Lee -- Employment screening and functional capacity evaluation to determine safe return to work / Leonard Matheson and Vert Mooney -- Active self-care: functional reactivation for spine pain patients / Craig Liebenson -- McKenzie spinal rehabilitation methods / Gary Jacob, Robin McKenzie, and Steve Heffner -- Brügger methods for postural correction / Dagmar Pavlu, Sibyle Petak-Krueger, and Vladimír Janda -- Rehabilitation of breathing pattern disorders / Maria
    Perri -- Soft tissue manipulation / Karel Lewit and Alena Kobesová -- Manual resistance techniques / Craig Liebenson ... [et al.] -- Neuromobilization techniques: evaluation and treatment of adverse neurodynamic tension / Michael C. Geraci, Jr., Martin Lambert, and Mark R. Bookhout -- Manipulation techniques for key joints / George DeFranca -- Sensory motor stimulation / Vladimír Janda ... [et al.] -- Facilitation of agonist-antagonist co-activation by reflex stimulation methods / Pavel Koláér -- Yoga-based training for spinal stability / Jirí éCumpelík and Frantiések Véle -- Spinal segmental stabilization training / Paul W. Hodges and Gwendolen A. Jull -- Functional stability training / Craig Liebenson -- Global muscle stabilization training--isotonic protocols / Neil Osborne and Jonathan Cook -- Weight training for back stability / Chris Norris -- Advanced stabilization training for performance enhancement / Micheal Clark -- Nutritional considerations for inflammation and pain / David R. Seaman -- A cognitive-behavioral therapy program for spinal pain / Steven J. Linton -- An integrated approach to regional disorders / Craig Liebenson -- Managing common syndromes and finding the key link / Karel Lewit -- Integrated approach to the lumbar spine / Craig Liebenson, Scott Fonda, and Sylvia Deily -- Integrated approach to the cervical spine / Craig Liebenson [et al.] -- The patient and the doctor / William H. Kirkaldy-Willis -- The role and
    safety of activity in the elderly / Craig Liebenson -- Role of non-operative spinal specialist in managing the spine patient / Joel Press [et al.] -- From guidelines to practice: what is the practitioner's role? / Alan Breen
  • Editor: Philadelphia Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
  • Data de criação/publicação: c2007
  • Formato: xvi, 972 p. ill. 29 cm. 1 DVD-ROM (4 3/4 in.).
  • Idioma: Inglês

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