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Textbook of musculoskeletal medicine

M. A Hutson; Richard M Ellis

Oxford Oxford University Press New York c2006

Localização: FM - Fac. Medicina    (WE140 T336 2006 e.2 )(Acessar)

  • Título:
    Textbook of musculoskeletal medicine
  • Autor: M. A Hutson; Richard M Ellis
  • Assuntos: Musculoskeletal system -- Diseases; Manipulation (Therapeutics); Orthopedics; Osteopathic medicine; EQUILÍBRIO MUSCULOSQUELÉTICO; ORTOPEDIA; Musculoskeletal Diseases -- physiopathology; Musculoskeletal Diseases -- therapy; Pain
  • Notas: Includes bibliographical references and index
  • Descrição: Pt. 1. Introduction. Fundamentals / Michael Hutson -- Evidence-based medicine / Jacob Patijn -- Pt. 2. Morphology; dysfunction; pain. Structural abnormalities / Richard Ellis -- Dysfunction. Somatic dysfunction / Michael L. Kuchera. Muscles in the pathogenesis of musculoskeletal disorders / Vladimir Janda. Fibromyalgia: mechanisms and treatment / Hugh Smythe. Neruodynamics / David Butler. Tensegrity: the new biomechanics / Stephen Levin. The fascioligaentous organ / Thomas Dorman -- Pain. Pain concepts: chronic pain / Bruce L. Kidd. Psychological aspects of musculoskeltal pain / Chris J. Main and Paul J. Watson. Placebo theory / Milton L. Cohen -- Pt. 3. Regional disorders. Examination and investigation. Clinical examination / Richard M. Ellis and Cyrus Cooper. Investigative techniques / Richard M. Ellis and Cyrus Cooper -- Endoscopically determined pain sources in the lumbar spine / Martin T.N. Knight -- Regional somatic dysfunction / Michael L. Kuchera -- Pectoral girdle. Thoracic outlet syndrome / John Tanner. Chest wall pain / John Tanner. The joints of the shoulder girdle / John Tanner. Glenohumeral instability / Roger Hackney -- Upper limb disorders / Michael Hutson -- The pelvis / Malcolm Read -- Lower limb disorders. Disorders of the knee / Derek Bickerstaff. Patellofemoral disorders; chondromalacia dysfunction, maltracking and plica syndrome / Nicholas Peirce. Superior tibiofibular joint / Mark Batt. Exertional lower leg pain / Mark Batt -- Foot and
    ankle. Biomechanics of the foot and ankle / Bryan English. The ankle joint / Richard Higgins. The subtalar joint / Bryan English. Plantar fasciitis and heel pain / Bryan English. Tendonopathies / Bryan English. Metatarsalgia / Bryan English -- Pt. 4. Management strategies. Triage / Richard M. Ellis -- Patient education and self care / Jennifer Klaber Moffett -- Management. Manual treatment of somatic dysfunction / Michael L. Kuchera. Injection of steroid and local anaesthetic / Richard M. Ellis. Soft tissue injections / John Tanner. Epidural injections / Keith Bush. Spinal injections / John Tanner. Prlotherapy / Thomas Dorman. The use of neurodynamics in pain management / David Butler. Trigger point injections / John Tanner. Soft tissue pain - treatment with stimulation-produced analgesia / C. Chan Gunn. Complementary therapies / Adam Ward. Exercise therapy: limbs / Elva Pearson. Exercise therapy: spine / Sarah Mottram and Mark Comerford. Chronic pain management; cognitive-behavioural, pharmacological / Charles Pither -- A pragmatic management strategy for low-back pain - an integrated multimodal programme based on antidysfunctional mediicne / Stefan Blomberg
  • Títulos relacionados: Série:Oxford medical publications
  • Editor: Oxford Oxford University Press New York
  • Data de criação/publicação: c2006
  • Formato: 550 p ill 29 cm.
  • Idioma: Inglês

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