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Refusing Safety: The Feminist Struggle to Be Revolutionary

Robson, Ruthann

WSQ: Women's Studies Quarterly, 2011, Vol.39(1), pp.262-269 [Periódico revisado por pares]

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Huya and Horemheb<br>Amarna and After
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Huya and Horemheb
Amarna and After

Snape, Steven

Blackwell Ancient Religions, Ancient Egyptian Tombs, Chapter 14, p.207-222

Oxford, UK: Wiley‐Blackwell 2011

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  1. Surviving Scenes, Repetitious Depictions Of King/Royal Family ‐ Showered With Rays Of The Aten  (1)
  2. Central Pillar Of Active ‘atenism’ ‐ Cult Worship Of The Aten By Akhenaten And Nefertiti, Within Structures Designed For Solar Worship  (1)
  3. Tombs On Saqqara Plateau, Two Known Groups ‐ One, South Of The Teti Pyramid And The Other Above The Valley Building Of The Unas Pyramid Complex  (1)
  4. ‘atenist’ Agenda, Issue For The Amarna Elite ‐ The Late Dynasty 18 Equivalents Of Inenis, Senenmuts And Rekhmires Of Early Dynasty 18  (1)
  5. Scenes Reflecting A Transition To An Osirian Afterlife, Absent ‐ Variant Of An Afterlife Lived Within The Tomb  (1)
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  9. New Kingdom Tombs At Saqqara ‐ New Kingdom Private Tombs, Skewed By Differential Survival  (1)
  10. Solar Worship, In Open‐Court Temples ‐ As Early As The Old Kingdom, In The So‐Called ‘sun‐Temples’ Of Dynasty 5 At Abu Ghurob  (1)
  11. Huya And Horemheb  (1)
  12. Cult Worship Of The Aten By Akhenaten ‐ And Nefertiti Temples, Whose Open Courts Contrasted With Dark Hidden Sanctuaries Of Egypt'S Traditional Gods  (1)
  13. Cole Alyson Manda. Cult Of True Victimhood: From The War On Welfare To The War On Terror  (1)
  14. Life And Death At Amarna, Period Being ‐ Extraordinary Episode In History Of Religious Development In Ancient Egypt  (1)
  15. Political Culture  (1)
  16. Against Incite! Women Of Color, Violence Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond The Non-Profit Industrial Complex  (1)
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