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Rethinking agriculture archaeological and ethnoarchaeological perspectives

Tim Denham; José Iriarte; Luc Vrydaghs; World Archaeological Congress (5e : 2003 : Washington, D.C.)

Walnut Creek, Calif. Left Coast Press 2009

Localização: MAE - Museu Arqueologia e Etnologia    (CC79.5.P5 R438 ex.2 )(Acessar)

  • Título:
    Rethinking agriculture archaeological and ethnoarchaeological perspectives
  • Autor: Tim Denham; José Iriarte; Luc Vrydaghs; World Archaeological Congress (5e : 2003 : Washington, D.C.)
  • Assuntos: Restes de plantes (Archéologie); Ethnoarchéologie; Paléoethnobotanique; Agriculture -- Origines; Plantes cultivées; Plant remains (Archaeology); Ethnoarchaeology; Paleoethnobotany; Agriculture -- Origin; Plants, Cultivated -- Origin; RESTOS CULTURAIS (ARQUEOLOGIA); PLANTAS CULTIVADAS (ARQUEOLOGIA); ETNOARQUEOLOGIA; AGRICULTURA (ORIGEM)
  • Notas: "Developed from a session entitled 'Inherited models and the denial of prehistory: challenging existing concepts of agriculture' at the Fifth World Archaeological Congress (WAC5) in Washington, DC, in June 2003"--Pref
  • Descrição: Rethinking agriculture : introductory thoughts / Luc Vrydaghs and Tim Denham -- Agriculture, cultivation and domestication : exploring the conceptual framework of early food production / David R. Harris -- Selection, cultivation, and reproductive isolation : a reconsideration of the morphological and molecular signals of domestication / Martin Jones and Terry Brown -- Subterranean diets in the tropical rain forests of Sarawak, Malaysia / Huw Barton and Victor Paz -- Early to mid-Holocene plant exploitation in New Guinea : towards a contingent interpretation of agriculture / Tim Denham -- Unravelling the story of early plant exploitation in highland Papua New Guinea / Jack Golson -- The meaning of ditches : interpreting the archaeological record from New Guinea using insights from ethnography / Tim Bayliss-Smith -- Traditional perspectives on agriculture from Rapa Nui (Easter Island, Chile) / Geertrui Louwagie and Roger Langohr -- New perspectives on plant domestication and the development of agriculture in the New World / José Iriarte -- Keepers of Louisiana's levees : early moundbuilders and forest managers / Gayle J. Fritz -- Modeling prehistoric agriculture through the palaeoenvironmental record : theoretical and methodological issues / Deborah M. Pearsall -- Chronicling indigenous accounts of the "rise of agriculture" in the Americas / Matthew P. Sayre -- Starch remains, preservation biases, and plant histories : an example from highland Peru / Linda Perry -- Emerging food-producing systems in the La Plata Basin : the Los Ajos Site / José Iriarte -- A tale of two tuber crops : how attributes of enset and yams may have shaped prehistoric human-plant interactions in south-west Ethiopia / Elisabeth Anne Hildebrand -- Multi-disciplinary evidence of mixed farming during the early Iron Age in Rwanda and Burundi / Marie-Claude Van Grunderbeek and Emile Roche -- The development of plant cultivation in semi-arid West Africa / Stefanie Kahlheber and Katharin
  • Títulos relacionados: Série:One world archaeology 51
  • Editor: Walnut Creek, Calif. Left Coast Press
  • Data de publicação: 2009
  • Formato: vi, 468 p ill 23 cm.
  • Idioma: Inglês

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