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Phytolith systematics emerging issues

George Robert Rapp 1930-; Susan C Mulholland; Society for Archaeological Sciences (U.S.)

New York Plenum Press c1992

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  • Título:
    Phytolith systematics emerging issues
  • Autor: George Robert Rapp 1930-; Susan C Mulholland; Society for Archaeological Sciences (U.S.)
  • Assuntos: Archaeological geology; Plant remains (Archaeology); GEOARQUEOLOGIA; Archaeology Use of Science
  • Notas: Includes bibliographical references (p. 277-322) and indexes
  • Descrição: Phytolith systematics : an introduction / Susan C. Mulholland and George Rapp, Jr. -- Great expectations : a short historical review of European phytolith systematics / Alix H. Powers -- Developing a phytolith classification system / Deborah M.Pearsall and Elizabeth H. Dinan -- A morphological classification of grass silica-bodies / Susan C. Mulholland and George Rapp, Jr. -- Toward a classification scheme of sedge (cyperaceae) phytoliths / Amy L. Ollendorf -- Predicted worlddistribution of C3 and C4 grass phytoliths / Page C. Twiss -- Preliminary identification of silica skeletons from near eastern archaeological sites : an anatomical approach / Arlene Miller Rosen -- Cereal grain phytoliths of Southwest Asia andEurope / Lawrence Kaplan, Mary B. Smith and Lesley Ann Sneddon -- Illustrated phytoliths from assorted food plants / Linda Scott Cummings -- Classification of opal phytoliths formed inselected dicotyledons native to the Great Plains / Steven R.Bozarth
    (cont.) Phytolith taxonomy in selected species of Texas cacti / John G. Jones and Vaughn M. Bryant, Jr. -- Silica deposition in subterranean organs / Allan G. Sangster and Martin J. Hodson -- Darwin and design in phytolith systematics :morphometric methods for mitigating redundancy / Irwin Rovner and John C. Russ -- Annotated bibliography of phytolith systematics / Susan C. Mulholland, Elizabeth J. Lawlor and Irwin Rovner
  • Títulos relacionados: Série:Advances in archaeological and museum science v. 1
  • Editor: New York Plenum Press
  • Data de publicação: c1992
  • Formato: xxiv, 350 p. ill., maps 24 cm.
  • Idioma: Inglês

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