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Upphaf Þjóðólfs 1848

Jonsson, Steingrimur

Ritmennt, 1998, Vol.3, pp.65-88

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  • Título:
    Upphaf Þjóðólfs 1848
  • Autor: Jonsson, Steingrimur
  • Assuntos: Humanities ; History And Archaeology ; History ; Humaniora ; Historia Och Arkeologi ; Historia
  • É parte de: Ritmennt, 1998, Vol.3, pp.65-88
  • Descrição: Þjóðólfur, the first modern newspaper published in Iceland, started to come out in 1848, 150 years ago. A bimonthly publication, Þjóðólfur flourished for more than half a century until forced to give way to the daily newspapers in the second decade of the 20th century. Early accounts of the establishment of Þjóðólfur are examined critically and an attempt is made to draw up a new and clearer picture as to how it came ínto being.
  • Idioma: Islândico

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