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Relationships between Parental Education and Overweight with Childhood Overweight and Physical Activity in 9-11 Year Old Children: Results from a 12-Country Study

Stella K Muthuri ; Vincent O Onywera ; Mark S Tremblay ; Stephanie T Broyles ; Jean-Philippe Chaput ; Mikael Fogelholm ; Gang Hu ; Rebecca Kuriyan ; Anura Kurpad ; Estelle V Lambert ; Carol Maher ; José Maia ; Victor Matsudo ; Timothy Olds ; Olga L Sarmiento ; Martyn Standage ; Catrine Tudor-Locke ; Pei Zhao ; Timothy S Church

PLoS ONE, 01 January 2016, Vol.11(8), p.e0147746 [Periódico revisado por pares]

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