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Beyond sunshine and noir: critiquing Los Angeles in the Twenty-first century.(Popular Culture in the Age of White Flight: Fear and Fantasy in Suburban Los Angeles)(Whitewashed Adobe: The Rise of Los Angeles and the Remaking of its Mexican Past)(Globalizing L.A.: Trade, Infrastructure, and Regional Development)(Bound for Freedom: Black Los Angeles in Jim Crow America)(The Next Los Angeles: The Struggle for a Livable City)(New York and Los Angeles: Politics, Society, and Culture-A Comparative View)(La Nueva California: Latinos in the Golden State)(Selling the City: Gender, Class, and the California Growth Machine, 1880-1940)(The City at Stake: Secession, Reform and the Battle for Los Angeles)(Book review)

Koslow, Jennifer

Journal of Urban History, Jan, 2009, Vol.35(2), p.314-323 [Periódico revisado por pares]

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