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Model fit and model selection

Antônio Delfim Netto 1928- Others

S.l. s.n 19--

Localização: FEA - Fac. Econ. Adm. e Contab.  ACERVO DELFIM NETTO  (B26.33.11 )(Acessar)

  • Título:
    Model fit and model selection
  • Autor: Antônio Delfim Netto 1928- Others
  • Assuntos: ECONOMIA
  • Descrição: Capitalism and democracy in 2040: forecasts and speculations Good jobs, bad jobs, and trade liberalization Long-rub effects of fiscal and monetary policy on aggregate demand Model fit and model selection: commentary Model fit and model selection Residential mobility and labor market transitions: relative effects of housing tenure, satisfaction and other variables The economics, technology and neuroscience of human capability formation The redistributive design of social security systems The two crises of international economics The use of permanent contracts across spanish regions: do reginal wage subsidies work? Una aproximación a la identificación y propagación de los shocks en una economía pequeña y abierta: el caso uruguayo Why doen't capitalism flow to poor countries
  • Editor: S.l. s.n
  • Data de publicação: 19--
  • Formato: 1 v.
  • Idioma: Português

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