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Byzantium-Rus-Russia studies in the translation of Christian culture

Simon Franklin

Aldershot, Hampshire Ashgate/Variorum Burlington, Vt. c2002

Localização: FFLCH - Fac. Fil. Let. e Ciências Humanas    (947 F834s e.2 )(Acessar)

  • Título:
    Byzantium-Rus-Russia studies in the translation of Christian culture
  • Autor: Simon Franklin
  • Assuntos: Christianity and culture -- Kievan Rus; Christianity and culture -- Russia; HISTÓRIA DA RÚSSIA; CRISTIANISMO -- RÚSSIA; Kievan Rus -- Civilization -- Byzantine influences; Russia -- Civilization
  • Notas: Includes bibliographical references and index
  • Descrição: Byzantino-Rossika Reception of Byzantine culture by the Slavs -- Empire of the Rhomaioi as viewed from Kievan Russia : aspects of Byzantino-Russian cultural relations -- Some apocryphal sources of Kievan Russian historiography -- Malalas in Slavonic -- Obscure sentence in the Slavonic translation of the chronicle of John Malalas -- Who was the uncle of Theodore Prodromus? -- Echoes of Byzantine elite culture in twelfth-century Russia? -- Diplomacy and ideology : Byzantium and the Russian Church in the mid twelfth century -- Annotationes Byzantino-Russicae -- Writing and learning in early Rus. -- Literacy and documentation in early medieval Russia -- Writing in the ground : recent Soviet publications on early Russian literacy -- Greek in Kievan Rus' -- Booklearning and bookmen in Kievan Rus' : a survey of an idea -- On 'philosophy' and 'philosophers' in Kievan Rus -- Perceptions and descriptions of art in pre-Mongol Rus -- Borrowed time : perceptions of the past in twelfth-century Rus' -- Post-medieval tradition. -- Invention of Rus(sia)(s): some remarks on medieval and modern perceptions of continuity and discontinuity -- Towards post-Soviet pre-modernism : on recent approaches to early Rus(s)ian hagiography -- Nostalgia for hell : Russian literary demonism and orthodox tradition
  • Títulos relacionados: Série:Variorum collected studies series v. 754
  • Editor: Aldershot, Hampshire Ashgate/Variorum Burlington, Vt.
  • Data de publicação: c2002
  • Formato: 1 v. (various pagings) ill. 24 cm.
  • Idioma: Inglês

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