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Anthropological perspectives on technology

Michael B Schiffer

Albuquerque University of New Mexico Press 2001

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  • Título:
    Anthropological perspectives on technology
  • Autor: Michael B Schiffer
  • Assuntos: Technology -- Social aspects; Anthropology; Archaeology; Industries, Primitive; TECNOLOGIA (ASPECTOS SOCIAIS); ANTROPOLOGIA; ARQUEOLOGIA; INDÚSTRIAS PALEOLÍTICAS
  • Notas: Includes bibliographical references and index
  • Descrição: Toward an anthropology of technology / Michael Brian Schiffer -- Beyond art and technology: the anthropology of skill / Tim Ingold -- Thought and production: insights of the practitioner / Charles M. Keller -- Meaning in the ma king: agency and the social embodiment of technology and art / Marcia-Anne Dobres -- Symbols do not create meanings- activities do: or, why symbolic anthropology needs the anthropology of technology / Bryan Pfaffenberger -- Rit ual technology in an extranatural world / William H. Walker -- Toward an archaeology of needs / Richard R. Wilk -- The design process as a critical component of the anthropology of technology / W. David Kingery -- Understanding artifact variability and change: a behavioral framework / James M. Skibo and Michael Brian Schiffer -- Artifice constrained: what determines technological choice? / Peter Bleed -- Building bridges: practice-based ethnographies of contemporary technology / Lucy A. Suchman -- Coordination of technological practice and representations at the boundaries / Meredith Aronson, David Bell, and Dan Vermeer -- From sail to steam at sea in the late nineteenth c entury / Richard A. Gould -- The explanation of long-term technological change / Michael Brian Schiffer
  • Títulos relacionados: Série:Amerind Foundation New World studies series no. 5
  • Editor: Albuquerque University of New Mexico Press
  • Data de publicação: 2001
  • Formato: xiv, 242 p. ill., maps 28 cm.
  • Idioma: Inglês

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