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F loor S how

Delaney, John R.

Sciences, 08 July 1998, Vol.38(4), pp.27-33 [Periódico revisado por pares]

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  • Título:
    F loor S how
  • Autor: Delaney, John R.
  • Assuntos: Volcanoes -- Research ; Extraterrestrial Anthropology -- Research ; Origin Of Life
  • É parte de: Sciences, 08 July 1998, Vol.38(4), pp.27-33
  • Descrição: Research of seafloor volcanic activity has yielded new theoretical alternatives on the origin of life. Fresh lava flows on earth reveal flocculated bacterial remnant tufts and mats of bacterial colonies, creating the possibility that other planets with volcanic activity, such as the Jupiter moon Io, may have or may produce living organisms.

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