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Le istitutioni harmoniche

Zarlino, Gioseffo

Francesco Senese 1562

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  • Título:
    Le istitutioni harmoniche
  • Autor: Zarlino, Gioseffo
  • Assuntos: Music Theory -- History -- 500-1400 ; Music Theory -- History -- 15th Century ; Counterpoint ; Music Modes
  • Descrição: This is a 1562 copy of "Le istitutioni harmoniche," one of the most influential music theory treatises written by Gioseffo Zarlino. The first edition appeared in Venice in 1558. The treatise, divided in four parts, includes theoretical and practical elements of music. The first two parts discuss philosophical, cosmological and mathematical aspects of music, Greek tonal system and tuning. The third and fourth parts cover the rules of counterpoint and modes, respectively. This copy bears a dedication to Vicenzo Diedo. It contains a table of contents per chapter and list of corrections. Several handwritten annotations appear on the t.p. ink: "coll: cochi nuoi soc: Jesù;" "exdono Joannis Jerary;" and "Inscriptet catalog."
  • Editor: Francesco Senese
  • Data de publicação: 1562
  • Idioma: Italiano

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