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"Núpufellsbók": Gömul prentuð lögbók án útgáfustaðar og árs

Jónsson, Steingrímur

Ritmennt, 1997, Vol.2, pp.35-54

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  • Título:
    "Núpufellsbók": Gömul prentuð lögbók án útgáfustaðar og árs
  • Autor: Jónsson, Steingrímur
  • Assuntos: Humanities ; History And Archaeology ; History ; Humaniora ; Historia Och Arkeologi ; Historia
  • É parte de: Ritmennt, 1997, Vol.2, pp.35-54
  • Descrição: An attempt is made to find the answer to the question as to where and when a particular edition of the Icelandic lawbook Jónsbók, known as "Núpufellsbók", was printed. It is known to have been printed in the period 1580-1624, and a study of Icelandic type-faces from the period, using methods developed by the German librarian Konrad Haebler about the turn of the century, reveals that the 3rd edition of the lawbook ("Núpufellsbók") was most probably printed at Hólar about 1620.
  • Idioma: Islândico

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