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Prentnemarnir: bóksaga neðan frá

Jonsson, Steingrímur

Ritmennt, 2000, Vol.5, pp.69-94

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  • Título:
    Prentnemarnir: bóksaga neðan frá
  • Autor: Jonsson, Steingrímur
  • Assuntos: Humanities ; History And Archaeology ; History ; Humaniora ; Historia Och Arkeologi ; Historia
  • É parte de: Ritmennt, 2000, Vol.5, pp.69-94
  • Descrição: In the years around 1880 the cousins Jón Steingrímsson and Magnús Ingvarsson worked as apprentices at a printing office in Reykjavík. A number of their letters have survived, shed-ding light on their daily life as apprentices and the work in a printing office in Reykjavík at tliat time, and giving a picture that differs in many ways from the conventional one. It is also worth noting that their attitudes towards the printing trade differ widely: while Magnús Ingvarsson is full of interest, Jón Steingrímsson expresses rather negative views, but on the other hand he sliows interest in publishing and politics.
  • Idioma: Islândico

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