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Dissipative Solitons: From Optics to Biology and Medicine

Ankiewicz, Adrian;; Ankiewicz, Adrian ; Akhmediev, Nail

Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Berlin, Heidelberg 2008

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  • Título:
    Dissipative Solitons: From Optics to Biology and Medicine
  • Autor: Ankiewicz, Adrian
  • Ankiewicz, Adrian ; Akhmediev, Nail
  • Assuntos: Physics -- Applications of Mathematics; Physics -- Neurobiology; Physics -- Quantum Optics, Quantum Electronics, Nonlinear Optics; Physics -- Laser Technology and Physics, Photonics
  • Descrição: Intro -- Preface -- Contents -- Three Sources and Three Component Parts of the Concept of Dissipative Solitons -- Solitons in Viscous Flows -- Cavity Solitons in Semiconductor Devices -- Dissipative Solitons in Laser Systems with Non-local and Non-instantaneous Nonlinearity -- Excitability Mediated by Dissipative Solitons in Nonlinear Optical Cavities -- Temporal Soliton "Molecules" in Mode-Locked Lasers: Collisions, Pulsations, and Vibrations -- Compounds of Fiber-Optic Solitons -- Dissipative Nonlinear Structures in Fiber Optics -- Three-Wave Dissipative Brillouin Solitons -- Spatial Dissipative Solitons Under Convective and Absolute Instabilities in Optical Parametric Oscillators -- Discrete Breathers with Dissipation -- Anharmonic Oscillations, Dissipative Solitons and Non-Ohmic Supersonic Electric Transport -- Coherent Optical Pulse Dynamics in Nano-composite Plasmonic Bragg Gratings -- Collective Focusing and Modulational Instability of Light and Cold Atoms -- On Vegetation Clustering,...
  • Títulos relacionados: Series: Lecture Notes in Physics, Volume 751
  • Editor: Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Berlin, Heidelberg
  • Data de criação/publicação: 2008
  • Idioma: Inglês

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