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Career development patterns of Cheyenne/Arapaho women in rural Oklahoma.

Smalley - Creach, Glenda L. Green, Gary,


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  • Título:
    Career development patterns of Cheyenne/Arapaho women in rural Oklahoma.
  • Autor: Smalley - Creach, Glenda L.
  • Green, Gary,
  • Assuntos: Women'S Studies. ; Education ; Guidance and Counseling. ; Cheyenne Indians Employment. ; Career Development Oklahoma. ; Arapaho Indians Employment. ; Education ; Adult and Continuing. ; Sociology ; Ethnic and Racial Studies.
  • Descrição: The study was designed and implemented to identify Cheyenne/Arapaho women's perceptions of career direction in their lives. Many factors were considered as the women were interviewed; family structure and history, influential factors in the women's lives, traditional and religious practices, educational background, and hopes and dreams for their futures.
    Twenty Cheyenne/Arapaho women, ages thirty-five to forty-five, were selected for the study. The majority of the women were interviewed in their homes. The interview schedule was flexible and non-directive and directed by the participants.
    The study suggests recommendations and strategies for career counselors and employment personnel to enhance career awareness and development for Native American women.
    The brief histories of the women are woven within the findings of the study. Cheyenne/Arapaho women tell of the encouragers and barriers in their life journeys. The women in the study also offer suggestions for young Cheyenne/Arapaho women today.
  • Data de publicação: 1998

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