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A history of Air University /

Tolson, Billy J. ,


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  • Título:
    A history of Air University /
  • Autor: Tolson, Billy J. ,
  • Assuntos: Education ; Higher.
  • Descrição: Professional military education in the Air Force has a narrower definition than any other education or training taught by Air Force schools, since this definition includes only the required courses designed and administered by Air University. These courses are required at several times during each person's career and are designed to enhance the ability of the military professional. The officer learns to command a squadron or other small unit; then as his/her career advances he returns to Air University to learn to command larger units and serve on the staff of a larger organization; and finally he studies even larger responsibilities.
    The Air University, headquartered at Maxwell Air Force Base near Montgomery, Alabama, is the post-graduate education center for the United States Air Force. It was established in 1946 to provide continuing professional military education for all Air Force personnel.
    Particular concerns stimulated this study. Did the university follow the Athens-English military tradition of the constitution or the Sparta-Prussian tradition of militarism? What are the comparisons of professional military education with the education required of other professions? What curricular practices highlight the problem of training versus education? Finally, have administrative practices and procedures been effective in realizing the mission of the university?
    This study traces the university's precedents from its eighteenth century roots until its founding in 1946 when the Air Force became a third service on the level of the Army and Navy. It traces the key events and people that shaped the emerging institution and pay particular attention to the development of the departments and curriculum. The influence of the many advisory boards is examined as well as that of the students, faculty and outside scholars.
    Air University also provides specialized training for certain skills such as teachers, legal personnel, chaplains, and engineers. The University also oversees the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps stationed at over a hundred universities and colleges and several other functions such as the Civil Air Patrol, Leadership and Management development Center, and Extension Course Institute. Extension Course Institute provides skill training for all Air Force personnel both civilian and military.
  • Data de criação/publicação: 1983

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