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Provincialising Heidegger; Globalising Arendt

Samnotra, Manu

Contexto Internacional, 01 December 2016, Vol.38(3), pp.909-925 [Periódico revisado por pares]

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  • Título:
    Provincialising Heidegger; Globalising Arendt
  • Autor: Samnotra, Manu
  • Assuntos: International Relations ; Martin Heidegger ; Hannah Arendt ; Jewish Politics ; Historicality ; Being-With ; History & Archaeology ; International Relations
  • É parte de: Contexto Internacional, 01 December 2016, Vol.38(3), pp.909-925
  • Descrição: Abstract Abstract: Dipesh Chakrabarty’s Provincializing Europe uses Martin Heidegger’s Being-with to ground his defence of a decolonial historiography. In this essay I show that Heidegger’s broader aims within Being and Time nullify Chakrabarty’s hopes for recovering fragile political spaces. In contrast to Heidegger, I propose Hannah Arendt’s writings on Jewish politics as an alternative for students of decolonisation. Arendt’s focus on plurality and new beginnings complement Chakrabarty’s critiques of historicism and political belonging in a way that more fully realises the broader ambitions of Provincializing Europe.
  • Idioma: Português

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