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Editors’ Introduction

Macdonald, Mairi ; Chapnick, Adam

International Journal, March 2014, Vol.69(1), pp.3-3 [Periódico revisado por pares]

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  • Título:
    Editors’ Introduction
  • Autor: Macdonald, Mairi ; Chapnick, Adam
  • Assuntos: History & Archaeology ; International Relations
  • É parte de: International Journal, March 2014, Vol.69(1), pp.3-3
  • Descrição: We are also pleased to present two articles that place Canadian experiences in a broader global context. Keith Banting compares Canadian and European views of multiculturalism to elucidate the Canadian mystification about what all the European fuss is about. Robin Gendron's "Lessons of History" essay puts Charles de Gaulle's notorious 1967 endorsement of "le Québec fibre" into the larger context of French actions during that decade to cast doubt on the interpretation that Quebec was a symptom of a broader turn to "la décolonisation" as general policy. Francine McKenzie provides a review essay that revisits Denis Stairs' seminal 1974 publication The Diplomacy of Constraint: Canada, the Korean War, and the United States.
  • Idioma: Inglês

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