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Coming of Age in Byzantium

Ariantzi, Despoina

Berlin, Germany: De Gruyter 2017

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  • Título:
    Coming of Age in Byzantium
  • Autor: Ariantzi, Despoina
  • Assuntos: Adolescence ; Society ; Byzantium
  • Descrição: The Millennium Studies seek to cross borders, boundaries between epochs and regional spaces, as well as boundaries between disciplines. Millennium is international, transdisciplinary and epoch-wide. The editorial board and the advisory board represent a broad spectrum of subjects: articles in art and literary criticism are just as right as historical, theological and philosophical contributions to the Latin and Greek cultures as well as to the oriental ones.
  • Títulos relacionados: Series: Millennium - Studien/Millennium Studies
  • Editor: Berlin, Germany: De Gruyter
  • Data de publicação: 2017
  • Idioma: Inglês

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