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RACE, RELIGION, AND LATE DEMOCRACY: The Racialization of Islam in American Law


Annals, Vol.637 pp.184-184, 2011 [Periódico revisado por pares]

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  • Título:
    RACE, RELIGION, AND LATE DEMOCRACY: The Racialization of Islam in American Law
  • Assuntos: Postracialism; Presidential; Introduction; Republicans; Examination; Segregation; Especially; Government; Conspiracy; Outlandish; Constitutional Law; Criminal Law & Procedure; Education Law; Evidence; Immigration Law; Military & Veterans Law
  • É parte de: Annals, Vol.637 pp.184-184, 2011
  • Descrição: ... Inscribing the linked racial category and ascribed subordination of permanent foreignness upon the "brown" raced body is the racialization of Muslims into Muslim terrorists. ... This racialization of Islam will first be examined by analyzing three dimensions of racialization: raced body, racial category, and ascribed subordination. ... A similar process transformed the national categories of Japanese, Korean, and Indian into racial categories of ancestry within the United States. ... Asian American racial subordination has included discriminatory treatment, but it has also included the application of two powerful stereotypes or tropes: foreignness and the model minority. ... The racialization of Islam through the Muslim racial category seems to be following the model of Asian American racialization. ... The racial campaign seeks to assign Obama to the Muslim racial category and leave him open to being racially profiled as a "Muslim terrorist."
  • Idioma: Inglês

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