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Climate Study Using a Global Cloud-resolving Model

佐藤, 正樹 ; Satoh, Masaki

地学雑誌, 2010, Vol.119(3), pp.427-440 [Periódico revisado por pares]

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  • Climate Study Using a Global Cloud-resolving Model

  • Título:
  • Autor: 佐藤, 正樹 ; Satoh, Masaki
  • Assuntos: 気候モデル ; 全球雲解像モデル ; 雲降水システム ; マッデン・ジュリアン振動 ; 熱帯低気圧 ; 気候感度 ; Climate Model ; Global Cloud Resolving Model ; Cloud-Precipitation Systems ; Madden- Julian Oscillation ; Tropical Cyclone ; Climate Sensitivity
  • É parte de: 地学雑誌, 2010, Vol.119(3), pp.427-440
  • Descrição:  We have developed a new type of atmospheric general circulation model, “global cloud-resolving model” which covers the globe with a mesh size of a few kilometers. This model enables us to directly simulate the multi-scale structure of the cloud systems of the Earth from meso-scale to planetary scale cloud disturbances. In particular, tropical cloud systems including Madden-Julian Oscillation and tropical cyclogenesis are realistically simulated by the global cloud-resolving model. It is contrasted with current atmospheric general circulation models that are used for climate projections, because they cannot simulate realistic tropical cloud disturbances in general. The global cloud-resolving model not only reproduces the geographical distribution of cloud-precipitation systems and their diurnal to intra-seasonal variabilities, but also more physically reproduces cloud properties by explicitly implementing cloud microphysical processes. It is expected that the global cloud-resolving model will play a major role in climate simulations, and that future climate projections will be more reliable than current approaches.
  • Idioma: Japonês

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