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Pubsub: An Efficient Publish/Subscribe System

Banerjee, Tania ; Sahni, Sartaj

IEEE Transactions on Computers, 01 April 2015, Vol.64(4), pp.1119-1132 [Periódico revisado por pares]

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  • Título:
    Pubsub: An Efficient Publish/Subscribe System
  • Autor: Banerjee, Tania ; Sahni, Sartaj
  • Assuntos: Subscriptions ; Data Structures ; Cameras ; Indexes ; Organizations ; Video Equipment ; Engineering ; Computer Science
  • É parte de: IEEE Transactions on Computers, 01 April 2015, Vol.64(4), pp.1119-1132
  • Descrição: PUBSUB is a versatile, efficient, and scalable content-based publish/subscribe system. This paper describes the architecture of PUBSUB together with some of its current capabilities. A version of PUBSUB optimized for event processing was benchmarked against the publish/subscribe systems BE-Tree and Siena, which also are optimized for event processing. Although the run time performance of both BE-Tree and PUBSUB is orders of magnitude better than that of Siena, BE-Tree is able to handle only a restricted class of predicates while PUBSUB can handle most predicate types handled by Siena. On our tests, the speedup of the fastest version of PUBSUB relative to Siena ranged from a low of 18 to a high of 1,703 and averaged 185. The speedup range relative to BE-Tree was up to 9.81 and averaged 2.37. Siena's memory requirements are about a fourth of those of BE-Tree and PUBSUB. The memory required by the most memory efficient of PUBSUB 's data structures was between 4 and 16 percent less that required by BE-Tree. With respect to data structure initialization, the three systems took a comparable amount of time on some data sets while on some PUBSUB could be initialized in 1/7th time required to initialize Siena and 1/14th that to initialize BE-Tree. PUBSUB achieves its high performance from the use of very efficient data structures and event matching algorithms.
  • Idioma: Inglês

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