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Limits to plasma science

Johnston, T.W

Proceedings of the IEEE, February 1981, Vol.69(2), pp.149-158 [Periódico revisado por pares]

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  • Título:
    Limits to plasma science
  • Autor: Johnston, T.W
  • Assuntos: Nuclear and Plasma Sciences ; Plasma Applications ; Plasma Devices ; Plasma Waves ; Plasma Confinement ; Relativistic Quantum Mechanics ; Control Systems ; Fusion Reactors ; Magnetic Confinement ; Geoscience ; Engineering
  • É parte de: Proceedings of the IEEE, February 1981, Vol.69(2), pp.149-158
  • Descrição: Since fundamental limits to plasma science are the well-known ones of relativity and quantum mechanics, various practical limits sure discussed for plasma science in several domains of current interest: applications (mainly controlled thermonuclear fusion, both magnetic confinement and ablative compression) investigation of natural plasma (in space near earth and solar system and in astrophysics). Some historical flavor is imparted by also considering the effect of limits on three domains of interest since the 1945: plasma frequency devices for microwave applications at millimeter wavelengths, solid-state plasmas, and reentry vehicle plasmas. In general, while one can identify the nature of the limits, refining their "values" or making firm predictions in view of possible "breakthroughs" is seen to be unlikely to be worth doing.
  • Idioma: Inglês

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