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Q&A: Emma Cline.(DEBUT SPOTLIGHT)(Interview)

Williams, Wilda

Library Journal, June 15, 2016, Vol.141(11), p.64(1)

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  • Título:
    Q&A: Emma Cline.(DEBUT SPOTLIGHT)(Interview)
  • Autor: Williams, Wilda
  • Assuntos: Writers – Interviews
  • É parte de: Library Journal, June 15, 2016, Vol.141(11), p.64(1)
  • Descrição: In an interview, author Emma Cline discusses her debut novel, The Girls. This compelling tale about Evie, a lonely teenager who falls in with a group of older girls belonging to a hippie cult, has already received early praise, including a starred Library Journal review. Cline made a big splash two years ago when the New York Times reported that Random House, after a heated bidding war with 11 other publishers, bought The Girls, in a three-book deal for a rumored seven figures. Cline said her parents are from California and were teenagers in the Sixties, and she grew up hearing their stories, parts of which informed some of this novel. The Girls was inspired by the Charles Manson Family as well as parts of Jim Jones, the Chosen Family, and other related groups, but no character is an exact equivalency.
  • Idioma: Inglês

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