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Faulty powers: who started the Ukraine crisis?(Essay)

Mcfaul, Michael

Foreign Affairs, Nov-Dec, 2014, Vol.93(6)

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  • Título:
    Faulty powers: who started the Ukraine crisis?(Essay)
  • Autor: Mcfaul, Michael
  • Assuntos: Government Resistance -- International Aspects ; Ukrainian Foreign Relations ; Russian Foreign Relations
  • É parte de: Foreign Affairs, Nov-Dec, 2014, Vol.93(6)
  • Descrição: John Mearsheimer is one of the most consistent and persuasive theorists in the realist school of international relations, but his explanation of the crisis in Ukraine demonstrates the limits of realpolitik. At best, Mearsheimer's brand of realism explains only some aspects of US-Russian relations over the last 30 years. According to Mearsheimer, Russia has annexed Crimea and intervened in eastern Ukraine in response to NATO expansion, which he calls "the taproot of the trouble." Russia's state-controlled media have indeed pointed to the alliance's enlargement as an explanation for Putin's actions. Although realists prefer to focus on the state as the unit of analysis, for his explanation of the Ukraine crisis, Mearsheimer looks to individual leaders and their ideologies. He describes Putin as "a first-class strategist" who is armed with the correct analytic framework -- that is, Mearsheimer's. By introducing leaders and their ideas into his analysis, Mearsheimer allows for the possibility that different statesmen guided by different ideologies might produce different foreign policies.
  • Idioma: English

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