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Elitism and stochastic dominance.(Report)

Bazen, Stephen ; Moyes, Patrick

Social Choice and Welfare, June, 2012, Vol.39(1), p.207(45) [Periódico revisado por pares]

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  • Título:
    Elitism and stochastic dominance.(Report)
  • Autor: Bazen, Stephen ; Moyes, Patrick
  • Assuntos: Elite (Social sciences) -- Analysis
  • É parte de: Social Choice and Welfare, June, 2012, Vol.39(1), p.207(45)
  • Descrição: Byline: Stephen Bazen (1), Patrick Moyes (2,3) Abstract: Stochastic dominance has been typically used with a special emphasis on risk and inequality reduction something captured by the concavity of the utility function in the expected utility model. We claim that the applicability of the stochastic dominance approach goes far beyond risk and inequality measurement provided suitable adaptations be made. We apply in this article the stochastic dominance approach to the measurement of elitism which may be considered the opposite of egalitarianism. While the usual stochastic dominance quasi-orderings attach more value to more equal and more efficient distributions, our criteria ensure that, the more unequal and the more efficient the distribution, the higher it is ranked. Two instances are provided by (i) comparisons of scientific performance across institutions like universities or departments, and (ii) comparisons of affluence as opposed to poverty between countries. Author Affiliation: (1) GREQAM (UMR CNRS 6579), Universite la Mediterranee, Centre de la Vieille Charite, 13002, Marseille, France (2) GREThA (UMR CNRS 5113), Universite de Bordeaux, CNRS, Avenue Leon Duguit, 33608, Pessac, France (3) IDEP, Centre de la Vieille Charite, 13002, Marseille, France Article History: Registration Date: 05/04/2011 Received Date: 15/01/2010 Accepted Date: 05/04/2011 Online Date: 17/06/2011 Article note: This paper forms part of the research project, The Multiple Dimensions of Inequality (Contract No. ANR 2010 BLANC 1808) of the French National Agency for Research whose financial support is gratefully acknowledged. Preliminary versions of this article have been presented at the Huitiemes Journees d'Economie Publique Louis-Andre Gerard-Varet, Marseille, France, 14--15 June 2009 and the Tenth International Meeting of the Society for Social Choice and Welfare, Moscow, Russia, 21--24 July 2010.
  • Idioma: English

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