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Gamma-ray burst hints of space-time foam.(News Notes)


Sky & Telescope, June, 2009, Vol.117(6), p.14(1)

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    Gamma-ray burst hints of space-time foam.(News Notes)
  • Autor: Anonymous
  • Assuntos: Gamma Rays -- Observations ; Gamma Rays -- Properties ; Satellites (Spacecraft) -- Observations ; Quantum Mechanics -- Forecasts And Trends ; Special Relativity (Physics) -- Forecasts And Trends
  • É parte de: Sky & Telescope, June, 2009, Vol.117(6), p.14(1)
  • Descrição: NASA'S Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope has has observed something that hints of a breakthrough toward a Holy Grail sought by physicists for decades: a unification of the twin pillars of modern physics quantum mechanics and Einstein's general theory of relativity. Fermi has seen a sign that very-high-energy gamma rays may travel through empty space a little slower than the speed of light, unlike any other form of electromagnetic radiation. This should be impossible -- unless spacetime itself has quantum properties that have long been suspected~ but that no one has been able to test. Last September 16th, Fermi recorded the most intrinsically powerful gamma-ray burst (GRB) yet seen. The burst, named GRB 080916C, took place 12.2 Million years ago as told by its redshift. Its X-ray afterglow (in Carina) is imaged below. Intriguingly, the highest-energy gamma rays, measurable for the first time by Fermi, arrived 16 seconds later than the lower-energy gamma rays from the brief burst. The higher...
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