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Tailor-made quantum states.(QUANTUM PHYSICS)

Nakamura, Yasunobu

Nature, May 28, 2009, Vol.459(7246), p.516(2) [Periódico revisado por pares]

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  • Título:
    Tailor-made quantum states.(QUANTUM PHYSICS)
  • Autor: Nakamura, Yasunobu
  • Assuntos: Superconductors -- Properties ; Atoms -- Properties ; Quantum Mechanics -- Research
  • É parte de: Nature, May 28, 2009, Vol.459(7246), p.516(2)
  • Descrição: The ability to produce arbitrarily superposed quantum states is a prerequisite for creating a workable quantum computer. Hofheinz et al. demonstrate on-demand generation of arbitrary quantum states in a superconducting resonator. In a bottom-up approach, which starts with a vacuum state, the target quantum state is constructed in a completely controlled manner by pumping photons one by one into the resonator using a superconducting qubit. The generated, superposed quantum states are fully characterized by the Wigner function, a representation of the resonator state, and visualized by Wigner tomograms.
  • Idioma: English

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