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Feed-in tariff in Ukraine: The only driver of renewables' industry growth?

Trypolska, Galyna

Energy Policy, June 2012, Vol.45, pp.645-653 [Periódico revisado por pares]

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  • Título:
    Feed-in tariff in Ukraine: The only driver of renewables' industry growth?
  • Autor: Trypolska, Galyna
  • Assuntos: Feed-in Tariff ; Green Electricity ; Ukraine ; Engineering ; Environmental Sciences ; Economics
  • É parte de: Energy Policy, June 2012, Vol.45, pp.645-653
  • Descrição: The paper aims to review the recently adopted legislation on feed-in tariffs in Ukraine, focusing on its advantages and drawbacks, as well as on the related challenges. The recommendations listed in the paper will help to change the existing legislation regarding green electricity by means of eliminating its main drawbacks. The best prospects for renewable electricity production are related to the energy from the wind and the sun, nonetheless energy from the sun and biomass is used mostly for heating purposes, whereas the number of plans for the construction of wind farms and solar plants is growing tremendously. Despite policies and legislation being in place for the inclusion of electricity from renewables in the grid, technical and financial obstacles exist. There are plenty of plans to build new generating facilities, but at the same time there is absolutely no information about the construction of power backup. The existing regulatory policy regarding green electricity production and consumption still has significant potential for improvement. Compared to other measures, feed-in tariff implementation has spurred green electricity production in Ukraine, because feed-in tariff rates are high, and grid access is guaranteed by law, a major advantage of the current legislation on renewables in Ukraine. ► The number of wind farms and solar plants construction plans in Ukraine is growing. ► Guarantees to obtain feed-in tariff investors get after completion of construction. ► The definition of the term “biomass” in Ukrainian legislation needs to be reviewed. ► The investments in renewables are mostly commenced by Ukrainian investors. ► Feed-in tariff is the most efficient measure for green electricity production.
  • Idioma: Inglês

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