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Sol Londe

Oransky, Ivan

The Lancet, 27 November 2004, Vol.364(9449), pp.1932-1932 [Periódico revisado por pares]

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  • Título:
    Sol Londe
  • Autor: Oransky, Ivan
  • Assuntos: Medicine
  • É parte de: The Lancet, 27 November 2004, Vol.364(9449), pp.1932-1932
  • Descrição: “Up to that time, everyone thought that children didn't have hypertension because they never saw it, and they never saw it because they didn't take blood pressures”, said Bonita Falkner, a professor of medicine and paediatrics at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Based on the distributions of his patients, he found that the prevalence of persistent systolic or diastolic blood pressure greater than the 95th percentile was 1·9%—a rate, Falkner said, that is very close to the rate of paediatric hypertension now shown in larger studies. In response to a 1996 Los Angeles Times story on a study finding that cancer, diabetes, and heart disease caused more deaths than infectious diseases in developing countries, Londe questioned “whether the conclusion by the study that this interesting finding is due to the ‘graying of the population’ tells the whole story”.
  • Idioma: Inglês

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