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Cultural Resource Evaluation of Sites 16LF19 and 16LF261, Lafourche Parish, Louisiana

Earth Search Inc NEW Orleans La (Corporate Author)

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  • Título:
    Cultural Resource Evaluation of Sites 16LF19 and 16LF261, Lafourche Parish, Louisiana
  • Autor: Earth Search Inc NEW Orleans La (Corporate Author)
  • Assuntos: Humanities and History ; Military Forces and Organizations ; Natural Resources ; Army Facilities ; Archeology ; Artifacts ; Ceramic Materials ; Erosion ; History ; Army Corps Of Engineers ; Resource Management ; Site Investigations ; Wetlands ; Excavation ; Augers ; Culture ; Reservoirs ; Louisiana ; Weirs ; Nrcs(Natural Resources Conservation Service) ; Historic Places ; NRHP(National Register Of Historic Places) ; Lafourche Parish
  • Descrição: Earth Search, Inc. (ESI), investigated and evaluated two previously recorded sites in Lafourche Parish for National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) eligibility. Sites 16LF19 and 16LF261 are shell middens located within the Barataria Land Bridge project area as defined by Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). The Barataria Land Bridge project and others are intended to reduce marsh erosion in the Bayou L'Ours Watershed by constructing weirs, plugging abandoned canals, and reestablishing banklines with dredge material and geo-textile fabric. Archeological investigations at the two sites included shovel and auger tests and general surface collections. In addition to the shovel and auger tests, a 1 x 1 m test unit was excavated at 16LF261. Artifacts recovered from both sites consisted primarily of wave-washed prehistoric sherds. Intact prehistoric midden was documented at 16LF19. Scattered historic artifacts, mostly ceramics and glass, were also collected at 16LF19. No intact midden was observed at 16LF261. In addition to prehistoric sherds at 16LF261, some wave-washed vertebrate faunal material was collected. Based on the presence of intact midden and the likelihood for additional cultural features, site 16LF19 is eligible for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). No intact midden or cultural deposits were observed within the tested portion of 16LF261. It is possible that intact midden exists at 16LF261, but is protected by a high ridge of dredge spoil. That part of 16LF261 which has been tested is ineligible for nomination to the NRHP. Untested portions of 16LF261 are potentially eligible pending further investigations. --Original contains color plates: All DTIC reproductions will be in black and white.
  • Idioma: Inglês

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