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The Compilation of Electronic Dictionaries for the African Languages

D.J.. Prinsloo

Lexikos, 01 October 2011, Vol.11 [Periódico revisado por pares]

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  • Título:
    The Compilation of Electronic Dictionaries for the African Languages
  • Autor: D.J.. Prinsloo
  • Assuntos: Electronic Dictionary ; Lexicography ; Data Retrieval ; Lemmatization ; CD-Rom ; Access Route ; Pop-Up Functionalities ; Pop-Up Screens ; Edutainment ; Cross-Referencing ; Information Retrieval ; Encoding ; Decoding ; African Languages ; Navigation Bar ; Languages & Literatures
  • É parte de: Lexikos, 01 October 2011, Vol.11
  • Descrição: Abstract: Lexicographers increasingly acknowledge the enormous potential of electronic dictionaries. The great capacity and speed characteristic of electronic products, combined with enhanced query and data retrieval technology, pave the way to a new generation of dictionaries unimagined in the paper-dictionary era. It is amazing to see how many of the lexicographer's greatest obstacles disappear in the electronic dictionary. This article will, firstly, attempt to give a perspective on typical features of electronic dictionaries. Secondly, electronic-dictionary entries will be designed as a solution to some of the most burning lemmatization problems encountered by lexicographers for African languages in paper dictionaries.Keywords: ELECTRONIC DICTIONARY, LEXICOGRAPHY, DATA RETRIEVAL, LEMMATIZATION, CD-ROM, ACCESS ROUTE, POP-UP FUNCTIONALITIES, POP-UP SCREENS, EDUTAINMENT, CROSS-REFERENCING, INFORMATION RETRIEVAL, ENCODING, DECODING, AFRICAN LANGUAGES,...
  • Idioma: Africâner

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