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How do you fix an Oval Track Puzzle?

Nash, David A. ; Randall, Sara

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  • Título:
    How do you fix an Oval Track Puzzle?
  • Autor: Nash, David A. ; Randall, Sara
  • Assuntos: Mathematics - Group Theory ; 20b35
  • Descrição: The oval track group, $OT_{n,k}$, is the subgroup of the symmetric group, $S_n$, generated by the basic moves available in a generalized oval track puzzle with $n$ tiles and a turntable of size $k$. In this paper we completely describe the oval track group for all possible $n$ and $k$ and use this information to answer the following question: If the tiles are removed from an oval track puzzle, how must they be returned in order to ensure that the puzzle is still solvable? As part of this discussion we introduce the parity subgroup of $S_n$ in the case when $n$ is even. Comment: 11 pages, 2 figures, 11 diagrams V2: Major changes with many of the more elementary details removed as suggested by a reviewer V3: Additional explanation (and visualizations) added to examples of how to fix specific oval track puzzles

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