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Dynamic Gas Permeability Investigations of Highly Stressed Coals


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  • Título:
    Dynamic Gas Permeability Investigations of Highly Stressed Coals
  • Assuntos: coal bed methane ; deviatoric stress ; dynamic permeability ; high stress ; multi phase flow
  • Descrição: Coal Bed Methane (CBM) is an emerging energy resource in Australia, which has multi-billion dollar CBM reserves. Gas is clean burning, produces little greenhouse gas and almost no disruption to surface activities (like farming) during extraction. These environmental benefits, with low cost, make gas the fuel of choice for power and heat worldwide. This project seeks to assist development of CBM engineering from deep coal seams. These contain the most gas, but are technically more difficult to develop than shallower reservoirs. In particular, it examines how natural and induced stress fields can be used to improve productivity, by understanding the relationships between different coal types, their environment and gas production rate.
  • Data de publicação: 2006

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