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Plant biotechnology current and future applications of genetically modified crops

Nigel G Halford

Chichester, England Hoboken, NJ J. Wiley c2006

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  • Título:
    Plant biotechnology current and future applications of genetically modified crops
  • Autor: Nigel G Halford
  • Assuntos: Plant biotechnology; BIOTECNOLOGIA DE PLANTAS; MELHORAMENTO GENÉTICO VEGETAL; Plant culture; Agricultural science/research - general; Plant breeding
  • Notas: Includes bibliographical references and index
  • Descrição: From primitive selection to genetic modification, ten thousand years of plant breeding / Nigel G. Halford -- Crop biotechnology in the United States : experiences and impacts / Sujatha Sankula -- Development of biotech crops in China / Qingzhong Xue, Yuhua Zhang, and Xianyin Zhang -- Advances in transformation technologies / Huw D. Jones -- Enhanced nutritional value of food crops / Dietrich Rein and Karin Herbers -- The production of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in transgenic plants / Louise V. Michaelson ... [et al.] -- The application of genetic engineering to the improvement of cereal grain quality / Peter R. Shewry -- Improvements in starch quality / Michael M. Burrell -- Production of vaccines in GM plants / Liz Nicholson, M. Carmen Cañizares, and George P. Lomonossoff -- Prospects for using genetic modification to engineer drought tolerance in crops / S.G. Mundree ... [et al.] -- Salt tolerance / Eduardo Blumwald and Anil Grover -- Engineering fungal resistance in crops / Maarten Stuiver -- Plant food allergens / E.N. Clare Mills, John A. Jenkins, and Peter R. Shewry -- Environmental impact and gene-flow / P.J.W. Lutman and K. Berry -- Risk assessment, regulation, and labeling / Nigel G. Halford
  • Editor: Chichester, England Hoboken, NJ J. Wiley
  • Data de publicação: c2006
  • Formato: xii, 303 p ill 26 cm.
  • Idioma: Inglês

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