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The prince the secret story of the world's most intriguing royal, Prince Bandar Bin Sultan

William Simpson 1948-

New York Regan Books c2006

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  • Título:
    The prince the secret story of the world's most intriguing royal, Prince Bandar Bin Sultan
  • Autor: William Simpson 1948-
  • Assuntos: Bin Sultan, Bandar Prince; Princes -- Saudi Arabia -- Biography; Ambassadors -- Saudi Arabia -- Biography; PRÍNCIPES (BIOGRAFIA HISTÓRICA) -- ARÁBIA SAUDITA; Saudi Arabia -- Foreign relations -- United States; United States -- Foreign relations -- Saudi Arabia
  • Notas: Includes bibliographical references (pages 441-467) and index
  • Descrição: Foreword / Foreword / A note on sources -- Prologue -- Introduction -- Who is Prince Bandar? -- Fighter pilot Prince -- The tip of the iceberg -- The years of intrigue -- Bandar the arms dealer -- A new world order -- The gulf explodes -- Peace in the Middle East -- The invisible ambassador -- 9/11 cataclysm -- Friends and the traveling court -- The private Prince Bandar -- Bandar : the enigma revealed -- A new life.
    A riveting portrait of one of the most enigmatic yet influential powerbrokers in America - Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United States from 1983 to 2005. For the last two and a half decades, the United States and Saudi Arabia have had a very special relationship - through war, oil crises, and global terrorism. At a time when understanding our friends is as important as knowing our enemies, understanding Prince Bandar bin Sultan may be the key to figuring out the Saudis. As the illegitimate son of a Saudi prince and a servant girl, Prince Bandar overcame his unrecognized beginnings to rise through the ranks of the Royal Saudi Air Force. Through his work with President Carter on the sale of F-15s to Saudi Arabia and his vital behind-the-scenes help in getting the Panama Canal Treaty through Congress, Bandar became one of Saudi Arabia®s brightest diplomatic stars - leading to his appointment as the Ambassador to the United States. As Ambassador, Bandar worked with President Reagan and CIA Director Bill Casey to win the Cold War with Saudi petrodollars. Seemingly in the thick of some of the most important world events of the last twenty-five years, Bandar played a key role in the Iran-Contra affair; convinced President Gorbachev to withdraw the Soviet military from Afghanistan; and negotiated an end to the Iran-Iraq war among others. A Machiavellian manipulator and a master tactician on the global chessboard, Bandar has had unmatched access to the Oval Office. George H.W. Bush took The Prince and his family fishing; Nancy Reagan used him to convey messages to her husband®s Cabinet; Colin Powell would drop by to play racquetball. During the Gulf War, Prince Bandar even became a de facto member of the National Security Council. In this biography, William Simpson pulls back the curtain for the first time on the fascinating and startling life of a man of contradictions - equally at home in the royal palace
  • Editor: New York Regan Books
  • Data de publicação: c2006
  • Formato: x, 480 pages, [16] pages of plates illustrations (some color) 24 cm.
  • Idioma: Inglês

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