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Early human behaviour in global context the rise and diversity of the lower palaeolithic record

M. D Petraglia (Michael D.); Ravi Korisettar

London Routledge 1998

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  • Título:
    Early human behaviour in global context the rise and diversity of the lower palaeolithic record
  • Autor: M. D Petraglia (Michael D.); Ravi Korisettar
  • Assuntos: Paleolithic period; Human remains (Archaeology); Human evolution; Human behavior; Social evolution; PERÍODO PALEOLÍTICO
  • Notas: Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Descrição: The archaeology of the Lower Palaeolithic: background and overview / Ravi Korisettar, Michael D. Petraglia -- Techniques for the chronometry of the Palaeolithic: evidence for global colonization / Ashok K. Singhvi, Günther A. Wagner, Ravi Korisettar -- Towards a technological reassessment of East African Plio-Pleistocene lithic assemblages / Brian V. Ludwig, J. W. K. Harris -- The lifeways of Homo erectus inferred from archaeology and evolutionary ecology: a perspective from East Africa / Susan Cachel, J. W. K. Harris -- Raw material as evidence for human behaviour in the Lower Pleistocene: the Olduvai case / Daniel Stiles -- The earliest South African industries / Kathleen Kuman -- The Lower Palaeolithic settlement of Eurasia, with special reference to Europe / Nicolas Rolland -- Early colonizations and cultural continuities in the Lower Palaeolithic of western Asia / Ofer Bar-Yosef -- Grasslands, tool making and the hominid colonization of southern Asia: a reconsideration / Robin W. Dennell -- Quaternary stratigraphy, palaeoclimate and the Lower Palaeolithic of India / Ravi Korisettar, S. N. Rajaguru -- The Lower Palaeolithic of India and its bearing on the Asian record / Michael D. Petraglia -- Lower Palaeolithic occupations in Nepal in relation to South Asia / Gudrun Corvinus -- Early Palaeolithic quartz industries in China / Jian Leng -- The Early Palaeolithic of the eastern region of the Old World in comparison to the West / J. Desmond Clark -- Concluding remarks: archaeology's fifth big question / Clive Gamble.
    "Archaeological traces of the activities of our early tool-using ancestors are spread throughout the Old World, ranging over Africa, Eurasia and Eastern Asia. While field studies have documented that the material evidence is plentiful, we still know very little about the particular behaviours which resulted in the creation of the Lower Palaeolithic record. Early Human Behaviour in Global Context is a major first-of-its-kind synthesis, contributing greatly towards filling gaps in our knowledge about ancestral behaviours." "Early Human Behaviour in Global Context is the basic reference text for students and professionals interested in prehistory, Palaeolithic archaeology and palaeoanthropology, our ancestors and their place in the natural world."--BOOK JACKET
  • Títulos relacionados: Série:One world archaeology 28
  • Editor: London Routledge
  • Data de publicação: 1998
  • Formato: xix, 481 p il..
  • Idioma: Inglês

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