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The evolution and history of human populations in South Asia inter-disciplinary studies in archaeology, biological anthropology, linguistics and genetics

M. D Petraglia (Michael D.); Bridget Allchin

Dordrecht, The Netherlands Springer c2007

Localização: IB - Instituto de Biociências    (QH368 Evo93 )(Acessar)

  • Título:
    The evolution and history of human populations in South Asia inter-disciplinary studies in archaeology, biological anthropology, linguistics and genetics
  • Autor: M. D Petraglia (Michael D.); Bridget Allchin
  • Assuntos: Excavations (Archaeology) -- South Asia -- Congresses; Physical anthropology -- South Asia -- Congresses; Genetics -- South Asia -- Congresses; ANTROPOLOGIA FÍSICA -- ÁSIA; Anthropology, Physical -- history -- Asia -- Congresses; Archaeology -- methods -- Asia -- Congresses; Asian Continental Ancestry Group -- ethnology -- Asia -- Congresses; Culture -- Asia -- Congresses; Evolution -- Asia -- Congresses; Hominidae -- Asia -- Congresses; Linguistics -- Asia -- Congresses
  • Notas: Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Descrição: Human evolution and culture change in the Indian subcontinent / Michael D. Petraglia and Bridget Allchin -- Afo-Eurasian mammalian fauna and early hominin dispersals / Alan Turner and Hannah J. O'Regan -- "Resource-rich, stone-poor" : early hominin land use in large river systems of northern India and Pakistan / Robin Dennell -- Toward developing a basin model for Paleolithic settlement of the Indian subcontinent : geodynamics, monsoon dynamics, habitat diversity and dispersal routes / Ravi Korisettar -- The Acheulean of peninsular India with special reference to the Hungsi and Baichbal valleys of the lower Deccan / K. Paddayya -- Changing trends in the study of a Paleolithic site in India : a century of research at Attirampakkam / Shanti Pappu -- Was Homo heidelbergensis in South Asia? : a test using the Narmada fossil from central India / Sheela Athreya -- The Toba supervolcanic eruption : tephra-fall deposits in India and paleoanthropological implications / Sacha C. Jones -- The emergence of modern human behavior in South Asia : a review of the current evidence and discussion of its possible implications / Hannah V.A. James -- Genetic evidence on modern human dispersals in South Asia : Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA perspectives : the world through the eyes of two haploid genomes / Phillip Endicott, Mait Metspalu and Toomas Kivisild -- Cranial diversity in South Asia relative to modem human dispersals and global patterns of human variation / Jay T. Stock, Marta
    Mirazón Lahr and Samanti Kulatilake -- Interpreting biological diversity in South Asian prehistory : early Holocene population affinities and subsistence adaptations / Sohn R. Lukacs -- Population movements in the Indian subcontinent during the protohistoric period : physical anthropological assessment / S.R. Walimbe -- Foragers and forager-traders in South Asian worlds : some thoughts from the last 10,000 years / Kathleen D. Morrison -- Anthropological, historical, archaeological and genet
    (Publisher-supplied data) South Asia is home to a diverse range of prehistoric and contemporary cultures that include foragers, pastoralists, and farmers. In this book, archaeologists, biological anthropologists, geneticists and linguists are brought together in order to provide a comprehensive account of the history and evolution of human populations residing in the subcontinent. A wide range of topics and issues are addressed in this book, including hominin adaptations, behaviours, and dispersals; the origin and spread of food producing economies; and the cultural, biological and genetic relationship of foragers and settled communities. New theories, methodologies and interpretations presented in this book are bound to have a profound effect on the way in which the cultural record of South Asia is perceived and how this evolutionary history relates to events in the wider world.
  • Títulos relacionados: Série:Vertebrate paleobiology and paleoanthropology
  • Editor: Dordrecht, The Netherlands Springer
  • Data de publicação: c2007
  • Formato: xiii, 464 p. ill., maps 29 cm.
  • Idioma: Inglês

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