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Teaching and learning mathematics in the 1990s

Thomas J Cooney; Christian R Hirsch; National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Reston, Va National Council of Teachers of Mathematics c1990

Localização: IME - Inst. Matemática e Estatística  CENTRO DE APERFEIÇOAMENTO DO ENSINO DA MATEMÁTICA  (CAEM QA80 N277 1990 )(Acessar)

  • Título:
    Teaching and learning mathematics in the 1990s
  • Autor: Thomas J Cooney; Christian R Hirsch; National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • Assuntos: Mathematics -- Study and teaching; MATEMÁTICA (ESTUDO E ENSINO); ENSINO MÉDIO
  • Notas: Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Descrição: Contributions of research to practice: applying findings, methods, and perspectives / Edward A. Silver -- The importance of social interaction in children's construction of mathematical knowledge / Erna Yackel...[et al.] -- Constructivism and beginning arithmetic (K-2) -- The role of routine procedures in the development of mathematical competence / James Hiebert -- Adaptive mathematics teaching / Leslie P. Steffe -- Small-group cooperative learning in mthematics / Neil Davidson -- An eclectic model for teaching elementary school mathmatics / Thomas E. Rowan, Nancy D. Cetorelli -- Mathematics as communication: using a language-experience approach in the elementary grades / Frances R. Curcio -- Effective mathematics teaching: one perspective / Timothy D. Kanold -- Beyond problem solving: problem posing / Barbara Moses, Elizabeth Bjork, E. Paul Goldenberg -- Writing as a tool for teaching mathematics: the silent revolution / Aggie Azzolino -- Motivation: an essential component of mathematics instruction / Emma E. Holmes -- Assessment in mathematics classrooms, K-8 / Norman Webb, Diane Briars -- Changes in mathematics teaching call for assessment alternatives / David J. Clarke, Doug M. Clarke, Charles J. Lovitt -- Mathematics for all Americans / Lynn Arthur Steen -- The challenges of changing world for mathematics education / Walter G. Secada -- Teaching mathematics: a feminist perspective / Suzanne K. Damarin -- African-American students and the promise of
    the curriculum and evaluation standards / Lee V. Stiff -- Increasing the achievement and participation of language minority students in mathematics education / Gilbert Cuevas -- Cultural power and the defining of school mathematics: a case study / Brian F. Donovan -- The invisible hand operating in mathematics instruction: students' conceptions and expectations / Raffaella Borasi -- Contextualization and mathematics for all / Claude Janvier -- Computer-enhanced algebra: new roles and challenges for teachers and students / M. Kathleen Heid, Charlene Sheets, Mary Ann Matras -- The impact of graphing calculators on the teaching and learning of mathematics / Gloria Barrett, John Goebel -- Enhancing mathematics teaching and learning through technology / Franklin Demana, Bert K. Waits -- Teaching mathematics with a vision: integrating computers into instruction / Marc Swadener, William Blubaugh -- Mathematics teachers reconceptualizing their roles / Charles Lovitt...[et al.] -- Professionals in a changing profession / Mark Driscoll, Brian Lord
  • Títulos relacionados: Série:Yearbook (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) 1990
  • Editor: Reston, Va National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • Data de criação/publicação: c1990
  • Formato: viii, 248 p ill 24 cm.
  • Idioma: Inglês

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