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Archaeology in the lowland American tropics current analytical methods and applications

Peter W Stahl

Cambridge Cambridge University Press 1995

Localização: MAE - Museu Arqueologia e Etnologia    (E65 A669st )(Acessar)

  • Título:
    Archaeology in the lowland American tropics current analytical methods and applications
  • Autor: Peter W Stahl
  • Assuntos: Lathrap, Donald Ward 1927-; Lathrap, Donald Ward 1927-; Indians of South America -- Antiquities; Archaeology -- Methodology; ARQUEOLOGIA -- AMÉRICA DO SUL; ARQUEOLOGIA (TEORIA MÉTODOS); ESCAVAÇÃO ARQUEOLÓGICA; ARQUEOLOGIA AMERICANA -- REGIÃO TROPICAL; Tropics -- Antiquities; South America -- Antiquities; Tropics -- Antiquities; South America -- Antiquities; South America History
  • Notas: Includes bibliographical references (p. 263-304) and index
  • Descrição: Archaeological survey and site discovery in the forested neotropics / James A. Zeidler -- The archaeology of community organization in the tropical lowlands: a case study from Puerto Rico / Peter E. Siegel -- Archaeological methods for the study of ancient landscapes of the Llamos de Mojos in the Bolivian Amazon / Clark L. Erickson -- Searching for environmental stress: climatic and anthropogenic influences on the landscapes of Colombia / Warwick Bray -- "Doing" paleoethnobotany in the tropical lowlands: adaptation and innovation in methodology / Deborarh M. Pearsall -- Plant microfossils and their application in the New World tropics / Dolores R. Piperno -- Differential preservation histories affecting the mammalian zooarchaeological record from the forested neotropical lowlands / Peter W. Stahl -- Biological research with archaeologically recovered human remains from Ecuador: methodological issues / Douglas H. Ubelaker -- Interpreting dietary maize from bone stable isotopes in the America tropics: the state of the art / Lynette Norr -- From potsherds to pots: a first step in constructing cultural context from tropical forest archaeology / J. Scott Raymond -- Returning to Pueblo Viejo: history and archaeology of the Chachi (Ecuador) / Warren R. Deboer
  • Editor: Cambridge Cambridge University Press
  • Data de publicação: 1995
  • Formato: xvii, 312 p. ill., maps 26 cm.
  • Idioma: Inglês

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