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The Gate of Mercy. (Jerusalem) (Place and Space issue )

Lev, Martin

Parabola, Summer, 1993, Vol.18(2), p.38(6)

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  • Título:
    The Gate of Mercy. (Jerusalem) (Place and Space issue )
  • Autor: Lev, Martin
  • Assuntos: Folk Belief Systems ; Religion ; Judaism ; Christianity ; Islam ; Israel ; Jerusalem ; Gate ; Temple (Jerusalem) ; Religion ; Anthropology
  • É parte de: Parabola, Summer, 1993, Vol.18(2), p.38(6)
  • Descrição: The Gate of Mercy, once the eastern entrance to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, now sealed, seems to symbolize the Divine Presence's abandonment of the city. The gate is given different meanings in Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions, but all relate to the general symbolism of a gateway representing a journey's beginning or end. Jerusalem's religious significance came relatively late when the Temple was dedicated by Solomon and filled with the Divine Presence. Today its mystery seems to lie in a sense of emptiness, lack of truthfulness and absence of divine mercy, symbolized by the sealed gate.

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