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Shell energy mollusc shells as coastal resources monograph

G. N Bailey 1948-; Karen Hardy (Karen Vanessa); Abdoulaye Camara

Oxford Oxbow Books 2013

Localização: MAE - Museu Arqueologia e Etnologia    (CC79.5.A5 S544 )(Acessar)

  • Título:
    Shell energy mollusc shells as coastal resources monograph
  • Autor: G. N Bailey 1948-; Karen Hardy (Karen Vanessa); Abdoulaye Camara
  • Notas: Includes bibliographical references
  • Descrição: Contributors -- Preface and acknowledgements -- Introduction. Shell energy: an introduction / Geoffrey N. Bailey, Karen Hardy, Abdoulaye Camara -- North America. Beyond subsistence: the social and symbolic meanings of shellfish in Northwest Coast societies / Madonna L. Moss ; Revealing the hidden dimensions of Pacific Northwest Coast shell middens / Aubrey Cannon ; Freshwater shell mounds of the Ohio River Valley, USA / Cheryl Claassen ; Prehistoric shell landscapes of the Ten Thousand Islands, Florida / Margo Schwadron ; Invertebrates on San Salvador Island, Bahamas: the use of shellfish as bait / Cheryl Claassen ; Prehistoric shell middens on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua: food production, structures and site formation / Ignacio Clemente-Conte, Ermengol Gassiot Ballbe, Virginia Garcia-Diaz -- South America. Ceramic sambaquis from the south coast of Brazil / Pedro Ignacio Schmitz ; Coast and hinterland: territory and resource management of the Selknam of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina / Estela Mansur, Raquel Pique ; Methodological reflections on shell midden archaeology: issues from Tierra del Fuego ethnoarchaeology / Jordi Estevez, Assumpcio Vila, Raquel Pique -- Europe. The shell middens of Scotland's Inner Hebrides / Karen Hardy ; Homes without houses? : some comments on an Ertebølle enigma / Peter Rowley-Conwy ; Late glacial and postglacial use of marine resources in the Bay of Biscay, north Spain / Miguel A. Fano [and three others] ; Upper Pleistocene-early Holocene transition at La Garma A Cave (Omoño, Cantabria, Spain) : preliminary report on the marine molluscs / Esteban Álvarez-Fernández
    Africa. Ethnoarchaeology of Senegambian shell middens / Moustapha Sall ; Senegambian shell middens and burials -- a heritage in danger / Mandiomé Thiam ; Ceramic decorations from the Songon Kassemblé shell midden, Côte d'Ivoire : a contribution to the understanding of decorative symbols in Africa / Siméon Kouakou Kouassi ; Mega shell middens and hunter-gatherer resource intensification along the west coast of south Africa / Antonieta jerardino ; Mid-Holocene shell middens in Eritrea / Daniella E. Bar-Yosef-Mayer, Amanuel Beyin -- Asia and Australia. Shell mounds of the Farasan Islands, Saudi Arabia / Geoffrey N. Bailey [and two others] ; Subsistence patterns of the hunter-gatherers of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands : a case study in south Andaman / Asok Datta, Manomay Ghosh ; The Higashimyo site of Saga City, Japan : waterlogged shell middens of the Initial Jomon period / AAkira Matsui ; Prehistoric utilization of shells in the Lenggong Valley, Perak, Malaysia / Mokhtar Saidin ; Identifying worked shell : a consideration of methodological issues with particular reference to Pleistocene contexts / Katherine Szabó ; 'Dead men and dreamings' : some reflections on An-barra archaeology, Australia / Sally Brockwell -- Conclusion. Shell energy : an overview / Peter Woodman
    "Shell middens are ubiquitous archaeological features on coastlines throughout the world that have been variously analysed and interpretated as mounds of food, burial places, or simply as convenient receptacles for the preservation of stratified remains. This volume brings together information about the little known, or recently discovered, concentrations of shell mounds in Africa, the near East, South-east Asia and the Americas as well as new work on mounds in the classic areas of Europe, the Pacific NW coast, Japan and Australia. Discussions are presented on new approaches to interpretation involving the use of ethnographic studies, analysis of molluscs, the use of shell as raw materials for making artefacts and ornaments, and the variable formation processes and functions associated with the accumulation of mounds."--Page 4 of cover
  • Editor: Oxford Oxbow Books
  • Data de publicação: 2013
  • Formato: x, 326 p il., mapas 29 cm.
  • Idioma: Inglês

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