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Sourcebook of paleolithic transitions methods, theories, and interpretations

Marta Camps i Calbet 1975-; Parth R Chauhan

New York Springer 2009

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  • Título:
    Sourcebook of paleolithic transitions methods, theories, and interpretations
  • Autor: Marta Camps i Calbet 1975-; Parth R Chauhan
  • Notas: Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Descrição: Methodological and theoretica perspectives: Has the notion of "transitions" in Paleolithic prehistory outlived its usefulness? : the European record in wider context / Lawrence Guy Straus. Accidents of history : conceptual frameworks in paleoarchaeology / Geoffrey A. Clark. Defining modernity, establishing rubicons, imagining the other--and the Neanderthal enigma / Olga Soffer. The longest transition or multiple revolutions? / John A.J. Gowlett. Quantifying transitions : morphometric approaches to Palaeolithic variability and technological change / Stephen J. Lycett. ESR dating at hominid and archaeological sites during the Pleistocene / Bonnie A.B. Blackwell ... [et al.]. The South Asian Paleolithic record and its potential for transitions studies / Parth R. Chauhan. Discussion 1: An overview of matters transitional, from the outside looking in / Angela E. Close -- Changes within the Lower Paleolithic: From nothing to something : the appearance and context of the earliest archaeological record / Michael J. Rogers and Sileshi Semaw. The Oldowan-Acheulian transition : is there a "developed Oldowan" artifact tradition? / Sileshi Semaw, Michael Rogers, and Dietrich Stout. Lower Palaeolithic transitions in the northern latitudes of Eurasia / Jan Michal Burdukiewicz. Hominin adaptability and patterns of faunal turnover in the early to middle Pleistocene transition in the Levant / Miriam Belmaker. Discussion 2: Transitions : behavioral change in the early Pleistocene / Robin Dennell -- Lower to Middle Paleolithic transitions: Assessing the Lower to Middle Paleolithic transition / Michael Chazan. The East Asian Middle Paleolithic reexamined / Christopher J. Norton, Xing Gao, and Xingwu Feng. The Lower to Middle Paleolithic transition in South Asia and its implications for hominin cognition and dispersals / H. James and M.D. Petraglia. Discussion 3: The Lower to Middle Paleolithic transition / Paola Villa -- Middle to Upper Paleolithic transitions: The Middle-Up
    olithic transition revisited / Robert G. Bednarik. Historical perspectives on the European transition from Middle to Upper Paleolithic / Francis B. Harrold. From the middle to the later Stone Age in eastern Africa / Pamela R. Willoughby. Comparing Middle to Upper Paleolithic transitions in the Middle East and Egypt / Deborah I. Olszewski. Through the looking-glass : the most recent years of Cantabrian research in the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic transition / Alvaro Arrizabalaga and Maria José Iriarte. The transitional Aurignacian and the Middle-Upper Palaeolithic transition model in Cantabrian Iberia / Federico Bernaldo de Quirós and José Manuel Maíllo-Fernández. Hard work never goes to waste : the role of Iberia in the Mid-Upper Paleolithic transition / Marta Camps. What is a 'transitional' industry? : the Uluzzian of southern Italy as a case study / Julien Riel-Salvatore. Middle/Upper Paleolithic interface in Vindija Cave (Croatia) : new results and interpretations / Ivor Karavaniâc and Marylène Patou-Mathis. Szeletian, not Aurignacian : a review of the chronology and cultural associations of the Vindija G1 Neanderthals / João Zilhão. The Bükk Mountain Szeletian : old and new views on "transitional" material from the eponymous site of the Szeletian / Brian Adams. The subsistence behaviours of the last Crimean Neanderthals / Marylène Patou-Mathis. Discussion 4: The Middle-to-Upper Paleolithic transition : what news? / Erella Hovers -- The Later Paleolithic: Investigating the Aurignacian/Gravettian transition in the Bistri÷ta Valley (NE-Romania) / Leif Steguweit. Modern human colonization of the Siberian mammoth steppe : a view from south-central Siberia / Kelly E. Graf. Shades of gray : the Paleoindian-early archaic "transition" in the Northeast / J.M. Adovasio and Kurt W. Carr. Central Andean lithic techno-typology at the terminal Pleistocene-early Holocene transition / Elmo Leon Canales. The Paleolithic-Mesolithic transition / Marcel Otte. Di
    5: Transitions in the later Palaeolithic / Rupert A. Housley -- Afterword / Luiz Oosterbeek.
  • Editor: New York Springer
  • Data de publicação: 2009
  • Formato: xvi, 573 p. ill., maps 27 cm..
  • Idioma: Inglês

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