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Mesopotamian magic textual, historical, and interpretative perspectives

I. Tzvi Abusch ed; K. van der Toorn ed

Groningen Styx Publications 1999

Localização: MAE - Museu Arqueologia e Etnologia    (BL2350.I7 M582 )(Acessar)

  • Título:
    Mesopotamian magic textual, historical, and interpretative perspectives
  • Autor: I. Tzvi Abusch ed; K. van der Toorn ed
  • Assuntos: Magic, Assyro-Babylonian; MAGIA (HISTÓRIA) -- MESOPOTÂMIA; RELIGIÕES PRIMITIVAS (HISTÓRIA) -- MESOPOTÂMIA; ANTROPOLOGIA DA RELIGIÃO -- MESOPOTÂMIA; CIVILIZAÇÃO ASSÍRIA (ASPECTOS RELIGIOSOS) -- MESOPOTÂMIA; BABILÔNIOS (ASPECTOS RELIGIOSOS) -- MESOPOTÂMIA; Civilization, Assyro-Babylonian; Magie assyro-babylonienne; Civilisation assyro-babylonienne; Iraq -- Antiquities; Irak -- Antiquités
  • Notas: Includes bibliographical references and index
  • Descrição: Machine generated contents note:-I. Theoretical Perspectives -- Wim van Binsbergen & Frans Wiggermann -- Magic in History. A Theoretical Perspective, and its application to Ancient Mesopotamia 1 -- Niek Veldhuis -- The Poetry of Magic 35 -- Mark J. Geller -- Freud and Mesopotamian Magic 49 -- Marten Stol -- Psychosomatic Suffering in Ancient Mesopotamia 57 -- JoAnn Scurlock -- Physician, Exorcist, Conjurer, Magician: A Tale of Two Healing Professionals 69 -- ---II. Surveys and Studies -- Tzvi Abusch -- Witchcraft and the Anger of the Personal God 81 -- Stefan M. Maul -- How the Babylonians Protected Themselves against Calamities Announced by Omens 123 -- Alasdair Livingstone -- The Magic of Time 131 -- Karel van der Toorn -- Magic at the Cradle: A Reassessment 139 -- Eva A. Braun-Holzinger -- Apotropaic Figures at Mesopotamian Temples in the Third and Second Millennia 149 -- Shaul Shaked -- The Poetics of Spells. Language and Structure in Aramaic Incantations of Late Antiquity 173 -- Christa Miiller-Kessler -- Interrelations between Mandaic Lead Scrolls and Incantation Bowls 197 -- Irving L. Finkel -- On Some Dog, Snake and Scorpion Incantations 211 -- Antoine Cavigneaux -- A Scholar's Library in Meturan? 253 -- William W Hallo -- More Incantations and Rituals from the Yale Babylonian Collection 277 -- Wilfred G. Lambert -- Marduk's Address to the Demons 293
  • Títulos relacionados: Série:Ancient magic and divination 1
  • Editor: Groningen Styx Publications
  • Data de publicação: 1999
  • Formato: xvii, 299 p. ill. 25 cm.
  • Idioma: Inglês

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