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사우디아라비아의 부족주의 연구

유달승 ; 홍미정 ; 사타르카셈 ; 정상률 ; 금상문

A Study on Tribalism in the Saudi Arabia

한국중동학회 01 August 2006

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  • Título:
    사우디아라비아의 부족주의 연구
  • Autor: 유달승 ; 홍미정 ; 사타르카셈 ; 정상률 ; 금상문
  • Assuntos: 부족 ; 부족주의 ; 정치권력 ; 정치엘리트 ; 정치엘리트와 부족주의 Tribes in Saudi Arabia
  • É parte de: A Study on Tribalism in the Saudi Arabia
  • Descrição: The word "tribalism" refer to two related but distinct concepts. The first concept is a social system. The other concept to which the word "tribalism" refers is the possession of a strong ethnic identity that separates oneself as a member of one group from the members of another. In this context, this study illuminates tribalism in the Saudi Arabia especially the relationship between political elites and tribalism. So, characters and stands of tribes in saudi arabia are overall studied. And after establishment of saudi arabian state in arabia peninsula, general political power which carries out political functions is examined. In this result, the political power is appeared through the saud family, and this political power controls the tribe powers. And power elites are studied. Namely, limited families and tribes are filled up as power elites specially as political elites. and they control the saudi arabian state and society. In general, saudi arabian political elites...
  • Editor: 한국중동학회
  • Data de publicação: 01 August 2006
  • Idioma: Coreano

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